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It is now close to a decade that ETAX1099.com has been serving US taxpayers, nationally and internationally. ETAX1099 is an IRS certified 1099 e-File service partner with:

  • user-friendly software; and
  • a platform that caters to individual taxpayers such as contractors, the self-employed, entrepreneurs, federal and/or state governments;
    co-operative housing corporations;
    financial institutions;
    CPA firms;
    and taxprofessionals.

ETAX1099.com uses tax application software that guides customers through the tax filing process.  In addition, our clients will receive confirmation emails and status updates from IRS. ETAX1099.com provides tax services that are cost-effective-starting at $3.25 for one form, and the price per tax form decreases if you file bulk IRS 1099 tax forms. Filing tax forms online is also encouraged by the IRS because it reduces the amount of paper the government must process. This reduction of paper processing allows the agency to be more efficient and use valuable resources to address other critical work. The IRS’s decrease inpaper usage also promotes less waste and a cleaner environment.

According tocurrent trends, paper filings are expected to continue declining by an average annual rate of 1.3 percent to a total of 93.8 million paper returns in 2018. Meanwhile, electronic filings (“e-filed” returns) are expected to increase at an average rate of 2.5 percent, reaching 159.8 million returns in 2018.

Reference: https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-soi/12rswinbulreturnfilings.pdf

ETAX1099.com knows that you will be sharing sensitive data on your tax returns.  It is our responsibility to ensure your data remains safe. ETAX1099.com uses the same level of security that many financial institutions and banks use to safeguard your personal information. Our website uses 128- bit encryption for all of your personal data.  Wetrack every visitor in real time on our website. We also offer opportunities for interactive chats and provide FAQs sections on our website.

Below you will find a chart of 1099 forms, along with description and 1099 due date in 2018. To find out if ETAX1099 offers e-filing services for any of these forms, or if we will in the future, please contact us through our customer support line at 703-229-0326 or mailto:support@tax2efile.com.

1099 Due Date Information

Form Title To Report Amount to Report To IRS (Electronic Filings) To Recipient (unless indicated otherwise)
1099-K Payment card and third-party network transactions Payment card Third party network transactions All amounts $20,000 or more (and 200 or more transactions April 2 January 31
1099-INT Interest Income Interest Income $10 or more ($600 or more in some cases) April 2 January 31
1099-DIV Dividends and Distributions Distributions, such as dividends, capital gain distributions, or nontaxable distributions, that were paid on stock and liquidation distributions $10 or more, except $600 or more for liquidations April 2 January 31
1099-A Acquisition or Abandonment of Secured Property Information about the acquisition or abandonment of property that is security for a debt for which you are the lender All amounts April 2 (All Amounts) January 31
1099-B Proceeds from Broker and Barter Exchange Transactions Sales or redemptions of securities, futures transactions, commodities, and barter exchange transactions All amounts April 2 February 15**
1099-C Cancellation of Debt Cancellation of a debt owed to a financial institution, the Federal Government, a credit union, RTC, FDIC, NCUA, a military department, the U.S. Postal Service, the Postal Rate Commission, or any organization having a significant trade or business of lending money $600 or more April 2 January 31
1098 Mortgage Interest Statement Mortgage interest (including points) and certain mortgage insurance premiums you received in the course of your trade or business from individuals and reimbursements of overpaid interest $600 or more April 2 (To Payer / Borrower) January 31
1098-C Contributions of Motor Vehicles, Boats, and Airplanes Information regarding a donated motor vehicle, boat, or airplane Gross proceeds of more than $500 April 2 (To Donor) 30 days from date of sale or contribution
Form Title To Report Amount to Report To IRS To Recipient (unless indicated otherwise)
1099-S Proceeds from Real estate transactions Gross proceeds from the sale or exchange of real estate and certain royalty payments Generally, $600 or more April 2 February 15
1099-PATR Taxable Distributions, Distributions from cooperatives Distributions from cooperatives passed through to their patrons including any domestic production activities deduction and certain pass-through credits $10 or more April 2 January 31
1099-MISC Miscellaneous Income Rent or royalty payments; prizes and awards that are not for services, such as winnings on TV or radio shows $600 or more, except $10 or more for royalties April 2 January 31**
1099-MISC Miscellaneous Income Payments to crew members by owners or operators of fishing boats including payments of proceeds from sale of catch. All amounts April 2 January 31**
1099-MISC Miscellaneous Income Section 409A income from nonqualified deferred compensation plans (NQDCs). All amounts   January 31**
1099-MISC Miscellaneous Income Payments to a physician, physicians’ corporation, or other supplier of health and medical services. Issued mainly by medical assistance programs or health and accident insurance plans. $600 or more   January 31**
1099-MISC Miscellaneous Income Payments for services performed for a trade or business by people not treated as its employees. Examples: fees to subcontractors or directors, rental property expense payments, and golden parachute payments. $600 or more January 31 January 31**
1099-MISC Miscellaneous Income Fish purchases paid in cash for resale $600 or more   January 31**
1099-MISC Miscellaneous Income Crop insurance proceeds $600 or more   February 15**
1099-MISC Miscellaneous Income Substitute dividends and tax-exempt interest payments reportable by brokers $10 or more   February 15**
1099-MISC Miscellaneous Income Gross proceeds paid to attorneys. $600 or more   February 15**
W-2G Certain gambling winnings Gambling winnings from horse racing, dog racing, jai alai, lotteries, keno, bingo, slot machines, sweepstakes, wagering pools, poker tournaments, etc Generally, $600 or more; $1,200 or more from bingo or slot machines; $1,500 or more from keno April 2 January 31


* * THE DUE DATE IS MARCH 15TH FOR REPORTING BY TRUSTEES AND MIDDLEMEN OF WHFITs - Widely Held Fixed Investment Trust. Register  to e-File tax forms 1099-K, 1099-MISC and 1099-INT with ETAX1099.com or Call us on 703-229-0326 for assistance with filing your 1099 taxes online.

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